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The GUFF - The Ultimate GNU Framework Facility

What's The GUFF ?

The GUFF (the Gnu Ultimate Framework facility) is a simple Java-based code generator.
From a XML description of the database (tables, fields, indexes, relations and so on..) you can easily generate customizable HTML, Visual Basic code, DDL for Interbase, Solid and Access.
The GUFF is NOT a RAD product. Instead, you can see it as the "database-oriented" version of simple code generators such as Glade.
The GUFF is licensed as GPL source code.


  • Jul 2001 - First public release.
  • early 2001 - Improvements on code.
  • early 2001 - Added support for Oracle and MySQL DDL generation.
  • Oct 2000 - Added utility for MS Access data conversion.
  • Oct 2000 - Visual Basic is no longer supported (lack of license).
  • Sep 2000 - First GUI version.
  • Aug 2000 - Template based HTML.

Technical specifications

Last release: 0.4.0 beta


  • XML files database definition.
  • Management GUI (code generation only) or command-line interface.
  • Template-based HTML pages definition.
  • Self-generated and customizable database documentation (XSL transformation).
  • Control type definition in code generation (text,check,combo..).



DTD,XSL and some XML samples

Class documentation (javadoc)


Click on the image for a largest picture.

Search form

A generated Visual Basic search form. You can define search criteria typing on the first row (LIKE ...). Form resizing is allowed. You can sort by every field clicking on the table header.

Scratch form

A generated Visual Basic normal form. Note the list value buttons for quick record search and the decode fields. The boolean fiels are converted as checkboxes. Some large text fields are converted as multiline textboxes. Date fields are converted as date picker controls.

Scratch report

A generated Visual Basic report. Automatic code generation makes look&feel consistent.

Main form

TheGUFF main panel - database options definition.

Scratch report

TheGUFF main panel - table options definition.

Scratch report

TheGUFF relation schema panel.


Package TheGuff

Aelfred libraries

SAX libraries



Q) Which languages/databases are supported by current version ?

A) The GUFF generates code for:


  • Interbase
  • Solid
  • MySQL
  • Oracle8i (7.x should work,not tested)

To Do:

  • Multifield keys
  • Storage of TheGUFF objects (tables,fields,indexes,db's) through hash tables
  • GTK,TCL/TK,Swing code generation
  • Relations (and foreign keys)
  • Improvements on XSL (very ugly now..)
  • Class documentation (javadoc) in english
  • Code comments and various doc english translation

Wish List:

  • Simple SQL data form
  • DB Management directly from IDE (?)
  • Migration to dom4j
  • Multiple database management

Limits (by design):

Tables: 50; fields x table: 100; indexes x table: 5; (see class GuffGlobal). (to fix soon)
The field name MUST begin with the table prefix (?);

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